How I Manifested My Dream Date After Divorce.

I’ve heard people say that manifestation is a complicated process, but I believe and have experienced Blog - How I Manifested My Dream Date After Divorcethat it is far less perplexing than perceived. If you have clarity, expression, action, trust, and surrender then you are well on your way, as cliché as it sounds, to bring about what you think about. Now I am far more intuitive and developed in my manifestation skills but about 4.5 years ago unconsciously following these steps is how I manifested my dream date after divorce.

When I moved to Southern California in the Spring of 2016, I really had no intention of dating. I had been divorced for just over five years and was pretty much burnt out on the dating scene. My focus was on my career and building a network of friends and business associates. I was living in Burbank in the valley and really wishing I lived by the ocean instead. Preferably, at that time, Santa Monica. I was spending my days traveling to business meetings, events, and conferences in and around Santa Monica and exploring surrounding beaches on my leisure days, where surfers had my full attention. I was mesmerized by them. Living most of my life in Michigan, I hadn’t experienced full-on surf culture and I desired to be immersed!

Clarity and Expression

I definitely had become a smitten kitten when it came to surfers, but dating was still not on my radar. My girlfriends back in Dallas and Michigan, the two places I lived prior to my California move, were relentlessly asking me about my nonexistent dating life. I finally just started responding to each inquiry with this statement, “If a hot surfer asks me out, I’m totally down with that.” I dropped this line jokingly, but it’s said that all jokes have some truth in them. Little did I know the power that those words held. Albeit lacking depth, they were clear and direct, and I was expressing them out loud more than a few times.


On a beautiful sunny sultry summer day in July, with the beach and surfers on my mind, I made plans with a girlfriend to go to her favorite “locals” beach spot in Malibu. Side note… I love Malibu! Unfortunately, my friend had to help out another friend affected by a California fire, so I was flying solo to this new destination. I made it to the road where the beach was located but wasn’t quite sure of its exact whereabouts. Driving slowly on the lookout for the beach, I noticed about six or seven cars parked by a guardrail.

I thought maybe this is the beach? I didn’t see the empty car space until I drove by, but I did notice the hot “age-appropriate” guy standing by a car with his surfboard as I approached. During my surf watching experiences, I observed that many surfers are too young for my consideration. Although this time, one wasn’t. I decided to turn my car around and go back to the empty parking spot to see if this was possibly the beach location.

After I parked, I exited my car, made eye contact with the hot surfer, exchange a wave and a smile, and proceeded to the edge of the guardrail to see if I had found my friend’s special beach spot. All I saw was an expansive ocean view with a narrow shoreline covered in foreboding sized rocks. So much for this being my little beach paradise. I decided to head out and continue my pursuit.

I walked back to my car and noticed that hot surfer was still standing where I left him and looking even better than he did at first glance. Once again, we exchanged a wave and a smile. This time I paused to take in his sun-kissed tanned skin, moppy light brown wind-dried hair, and his pearly white broad smile. Damn, he was fine!


Upon reflection of my interaction with this surfer, I think an unfamiliar nervousness washed over me because my typical behavior would have been to ask him for directions. Instead, I drove off slowly, looking out my window at his puzzled gaze from my hasty departure. Glancing at his sun encased silhouette in my rearview mirror, my inner voice chastised me for missing an opportunity, while also defending my choice by reminding me that he was probably married or in a relationship.

I mean come on! Sure I said I’d go out with a hot surfer (numerous times) but what are the chances that he would magically appear like that? I decided to trust, and if I was meant to literally date a hot surfer, it would happen someday.

About a mile down the road, I finally discovered the formally elusive beach. In the process of parking my car on the side of the road, a woman knocked on my window to inform me that I need to be careful as to not park on the white line or there is a high probability of me receiving a hefty ticket. Thanks, and duly noted.

I promptly moved my car off the white line and proceeded to go enjoy the beach for the day. After my day of frolicking in the waves and soaking up some sun, I packed up my beach gear and headed out. As I approached my car, I saw an envelope on the windshield. WTH?! Did I get a ticket? Why? I didn’t park on the line.


In my confused state, I swiped the envelope from under my windshield wiper and heard the voice of another beachgoer, who was patiently waiting for my parking spot, call out… “Did you get a ticket?” I responded, “No I don’t think so, it has a smiley face on it?” Now both of us were puzzled. I opened the envelope and pulled out a note from inside. It was from the hot surfer!! I shared the news with the curious girl waiting for my spot and she exclaimed, “How exciting!!”

Yes, it was exciting! The note said… “Hello to you, girl in the grey Mazda. Saw you earlier, we smiled and waved at each other… My name is Jeff. Call or text me….” Was this really happening to me? I texted but didn’t get a response, so I decided to simply surrender and not be attached to the outcome. I headed back to Burbank feeling fluttery, flushed, and flattered.

Opting to take a new route, I traveled back to the valley through a little canyon town called Topanga. The winding narrow road through the lush green covered mountains offered glorious scenery. I felt like I had entered a sacred sanctuary filled with mystical mischief. Was this Narnia? Might I see a Hobbit from Lord of the Rings? I couldn’t believe my luck. A hot surfer and this luscious dreamland all in one day?! I immediately felt drawn to this wonderous place and instinctively knew I would be spending much of my time here during my California adventure.

Dream and Believe

When I eventually descended from the Topanga heavens into the valley, my phone began to ring. Even though the number was unrecognizable, usually this receives an ignore from me, I answered it. As you probably have already guessed, yes it was Jeff (aka the hot surfer). He informed me that he had lousy reception where he lived and had just gotten my text message. We exchanged pleasantries and he asked me where I was. I recounted my wondrous adventure through this new magical land called Topanga and I heard him softly chuckling on the other end. I asked what was so funny and he responded, “I live in Topanga.”

Ultimately I manifested more than one dream date after divorce with my hot surfer. I ended up dating Jeff for nine months and still consider our romance a fun-filled California adventure. I knew from the beginning of our love affair that I had fallen madly in love with… Topanga and surf culture. I’m still extremely grateful that my unconscious hot surfer manifestation led to an even more conscious move to Topanga and Positive Waves coaching manifestation.

I continue to materialize my desires and hope that this, one of my many manifestation stories, gives you the inspiration to manifest for yourself. There is a beautiful world waiting for you post-divorce.

Dream it, believe it, and chances are you will have your very own “California Adventures.”

Guest author: Jodi Mallow

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