Why Women Initiate Divorce Before Most Men

Why Women Initiate Divorce Before Most Men…

Despite women often struggling more financially and socially after a divorce, theyWhy Women Initiate Divorce Before Most Men are more likely to initiate one. In fact, nearly 70% of all divorces are initiated by women. This statistic has been on the rise since the 1940s. Why do women initiate divorce more often in a heterosexual relationship? There are some main reasons why women initiate divorce before most men.

They don’t feel heard or seen by their partner.

Communication issues are one of the biggest issues that women cite when filing for divorce. Women, by nature, are usually more open with their feelings and tend to be better communicators when it comes to romantic relationships. They can get frustrated when they feel like their spouse isn’t listening or doing the things they feel are needed in order for the relationship to be fulfilling for them.

Women are also more likely to consider marriage counseling. This is something that can be crucial when communication issues arise in a marriage. Without the necessary support, a marriage can quickly crumble under the strain of communication issues.

They don’t feel connected to their partner.

Communication seems to be one of the top issues women file for divorce. It’s no surprise that feeling disconnected from their partner is a major problem. When you’re constantly fighting, the physical portion of a relationship can suffer. Not feeling close to your partner both physically and emotionally can drive a huge wedge between you. This division can leave you feeling incredibly disconnected.

While women often give more chances than men for their partner to make things right, they also check out fully once disconnection comes into play. Once a woman detaches from you physically and emotionally, it’s easier for them to move on and file divorce papers.

They don’t feel like an equal partner.

Despite the strides women have made when it comes to equality, household gender roles still exist. Most women are expected to work while also taking on a majority of the household chores and child-rearing responsibilities. This can lead to resentment for their partner if they feel like they aren’t contributing equally.

More and more women are working outside of the household and are financially independent. They aren’t going to stick around for financial reasons if they feel like they aren’t being fully supported by their partners. Where many women used to stay in an unhappy marriage because they had no other option, that’s no longer the case.

They recognize the breakdown in their marriage sooner.

Since women are usually more in-tune with their emotions, they’re more likely to recognize when their marriage is on the rocks. They’re also more likely to accept the fact that it’s time to move on, especially if they’ve seemingly tried everything to make it work with their spouse.

This recognition and subsequent filing of divorce papers can often leave their spouse reeling because they simply didn’t see it coming.

While there’s really no one, solid reason that women file for divorce more often than men, there do seem to be several factors that can contribute to this as women become more and more aware of their worth inside- and outside- of their marriage.

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