Pop Goes the Marriage Bubble: Dating After Divorce

It’s amazing how our relationship status affects how we show up in the world. You naturally are different when you’re married versus when you’re single. So, when you finally pop the marriage bubble, what does this mean for your body language and energy when meeting new people post-divorce?

Body Language When Meeting New People Post-Divorce

In marriage, you are part of a team. You have a partner to rely on, someone who always has your back. This can be incredibly comforting. You might find you’re more relaxed, confident, and outgoing with your spouse. You may stand a little taller, smile a little more, and exude an air of contentment.

When you’re single, it’s a whole different ball game. Suddenly, you’re on your own. You don’t have a built-in support system anymore. This can be scary. You might feel more vulnerable, self-conscious, and hesitant to put yourself out there and pop the marriage bubble to start dating. You may shrink into yourself a bit, cross your arms, and avoid eye contact.

Of course, this isn’t true for everyone. Some people are natural extroverts and outgoing, whether single or in a relationship.  For others, ending a marriage where they feel stifled allows them to be more free and open when meeting new people. This is especially true if you were married to a narcissist or emotionally abusive partner who controlled whom you interacted with and how you interacted with them.

The Energy Shift Post-Divorce

Divorce is a huge life transition, and adjusting can take a while. Once you do, you might notice your energy shift dramatically. Suddenly, you’re free from a toxic or unfulfilling relationship, which can be incredibly liberating. You might feel lighter, more joyful, and more optimistic about the future. You might start to embrace new experiences, meet new people, and take risks you never would have considered before.

This positive energy shift can help you forge new connections, especially when dating after divorce. Potential partners naturally gravitate toward you when you’re more willing to make eye contact and project a welcoming, open vibe.

What about when the energy shift feels a little less positive and a lot more frightening? It’s okay if the thought of meeting new people post-divorce leaves you feeling a bit intimidated. You might be worried about how you’ll come across or whether you’ll be able to connect with others on a deeper level.

If you feel are feeling frightened, intimidated, worried, etc.,  the following body language tips can help to make a positive first impression:

  • Maintain eye contact during conversations. This signals your engagement and interest in the other person’s words.
  • Be mindful of your posture. Stand up straight, relax your shoulders, and take up space. This communicates confidence and self-assuredness. When sitting, slightly lean in to show interest in the conversation.
  • Don’t forget to smile! A genuine smile can go a long way in making people feel comfortable and at ease around you. Be careful not to force it – people can usually tell when a smile is fake or insincere.

The energy shift after a divorce is powerful and can greatly impact your body language and interactions with others. It’s important to remember that there’s no “right” way to show up after you pop the marriage bubble. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t automatically become a social butterfly once the papers are signed. Simply allow yourself to embrace new experiences and be open to connecting with others on a deeper level. This will go a long way in helping you move forward to create a life that aligns with your values and brings you happiness.

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