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We have both personal and professional divorce experience and a passion for showing others the path forward. Splitting brings a host of challenges, whether you’re just thinking about divorce or you’re deep in the process. By partnering with a divorce professional, you’ll receive comprehensive, start-to-finish guidance. This partnership will help you avoid unnecessary legal fees and connect you with the right resources to deliver a better outcome.

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We’re fully confidential, no commitment required. Our professionals are here to help even if you’re only considering divorce. Answer some basic questions to tell us about yourself and any steps you’ve taken so far. You’ll receive recommendations and a chance to schedule a free consultation. Based on your needs and preferences, we’ll direct you to an experienced professional who can support and guide you.

Split.fyi divorce professionals

What is a divorce professional?

Our divorce coaches, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFAs), mediators, and much more are qualified professionals who know not only the divorce process, but also the challenges divorce brings—from co-parenting and finances to mental health and moving on. Divorce is life-changing, so you deserve comprehensive help through the entire process and everything it entails.

Split.fyi divorce professionals

How can a divorce professional help me?

Your divorce professional is there to share their wisdom and experience, as well as valuable resources designed to meet your specific needs. They are your mentor and friend who will help you know how to prepare and what to expect every step of the way.

Divorce Professionals vs. Legal Counsel

Split.fyi divorce professionals Legal Counsel
Financial Specialists X
Divorce Lawyers X
Certified Divorce Financial Analysts X
Group Sessions X
Life Coaching X
Negotiation Specialists X
Co-Parenting Specialists X
Emotional Support X
Military Specialists X
Career Coaching X
Health Coaching X
Dating Coaching X
Mindset Coaching X
Communications Specialist X
Special Needs X

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is thinking about, going through, or coming out of a divorce or separation. We can offer you direction, education, and support on the divorce process, co-parenting best practices, communication, and finances in divorce so that you can make the best decisions and have a favorable outcome for yourself and your family. We’re here if you feel stuck and need emotional support so you can take the next step, and if you desire to get through your transition as financially and emotionally and whole as possible.

We have a proven process with access to divorce professionals to help guide you and keep you accountable while navigating your divorce.

The cost for divorce professional services vary and is dependent on the nature of their services and expertise, the scope of work and your specific set of circumstances.

No, we have resources for people looking for support and education before, during and after a split or divorce. We have divorce professionals that specialize in everything from financial education, co-parenting, going back into the workforce, dating and more.


information provided should not be construed or relied upon as legal or tax advice. Individuals seeking legal or tax advice should solicit the counsel of competent legal or tax professionals knowledgeable about divorce laws in their own geographical areas.

Once you’ve booked a professional, payments are made to divorce professionals directly through your Split.fyi account.

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The scope of work for the different types of divorce professionals varies. Each professional customizes their offering for their niche. Many do provide complimentary discovery sessions so you can get to know them and you can text chat with them inside the portal to ask more specific questions as well.

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Essential Resources

If you’re facing legal/custody battles, a mental health crisis, an urgent medical issue, serious emotional problems, including suicidal thoughts, please seek help from the appropriate professionals near you.

Suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
Crisis line: 1-800-356-5395
Crisis text line: Text “help” to 741741
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

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